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Extralingual is your ideal partner in the field of education and communication.

Who we are and what we do

We are a provider of language and educational services to individuals, schools and businesses.

Established in London in 2002, Extralingual started as a language school teaching new languages to professionals, in response to a growing need in the business environment to communicate with the world.

Extralingual has expanded to become an internationally recognised educational and languages-based services provider. We have operations in the United Kingdom, France, Nigeria, Republic of Congo, South Africa, Cameroon, Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania.

Our large and diverse panel of services include translation, interpreting, language lessons, after school clubs, play groups and language teaching-based holiday clubs, building of learning material, tutoring and exam preparation help.

Our team of expert foreign language specialists can assess and meet your needs. We also provide teacher replacement service and can help you in creating language curriculums and teaching material. All our services can be provided online when required. We cater for learners of all ages, from nursery to adults.

Why Extralingual?

  • Innovative pedagogy
  • Teaching based on an action-oriented approach
  • Experienced and dedicated teachers
  • All classes and courses available online
  • Highly qualified and certified translators and interpreters
  • Professional and responsive administrative team
  • Competitive prices

We offer educational support and tailor-made language courses for adults and children. We have a wide range of services: Language teaching, help with homework and learning, a high-quality translation service, language holiday clubs.

Our Mission

Extralingual is committed to equity and respect for all individuals, and we seek to create a culture of inclusion that actively supports all parents, students, employees and service providers. We recognize that diversity contributes to Extralingual’s learning environment, thereby enriching our community and improving opportunities for human understanding. While the term “diversity” is often used to refer to differences, our intention is for inclusiveness of individuals who are diverse in language, culture and learning capabilities.

Our experienced and qualified teachers give private or group language lessons for all levels and at the venue of your choice. Classes can be given online.

Our Clients

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FR: +33 (0)970 463 805
UK: +44 (0)20 7097 6694
SA: +27 (0)11 083 8057

Email: info@extralingual.com

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