Frequently Asked Questions


What languages do you teach?

We have the widest palette of languages to choose from and it includes almost any language you might like to learn

Are your language teachers native speakers?

Most of our teachers are native speakers with years of experience

Do you offer language courses for beginners?

We offer classes for all levels starting with level 0. Within a few weeks you will have the basic communication skills that will allow you to understand and participate in basic discussions

Which language does the teacher use during the session?

The language spoken during the lesson will be the same as the language taught. According to the latest linguistic theories, the efficiency of teaching a new language is proven to be best by only speaking the language taught during a language class.

What are the different types of courses available?

We have different types of classes to suit your needs and preferences, the one-on-one classes and the group classes. And they both can be given in person at the venue of your choice, or the class can be a virtual live session, it’s up to you to choose.

Is there a deadline to subscribe to a course?

There’s no deadline nor timeline to start to learn. The course will start when you decide to learn.

Do you do certified translation?

Yes we do certified translations in any language.

Are translations done by native speakers?
Yes all our translations are done by native speakers and language experts
Can I get a family discount or group bookings?
A 10% discount as soon as a second member of the family registers
Are lessons only aimed for kids?

No our lessons are offered to any age group and we cater for any language proficiency

Do you do corporate language lessons?
Yes we do and they can be on-site or online
Is the learning material only for languages?
We offer learning material at any level, for individuals, schools or companies. We tailor our learning material to your needs.
Are you following any particular curriculum?
Each curriculum is based on our clients’ needs

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