We translate all business languages using the expertise of a wide network of professional translators specializing in various fields.
EXTRALINGUAL will provide you with full Project Management services. Once your order is placed you will be assigned a named Project Manager who will remain your single point of contact until your assignment is successfully completed.


Courses : Extralingual offers a wide range of lessons from leisure to business.

Private tuition

At home, at your office or at any convenient place, you benefit from our Lessons as all our teachers are qualified and experienced. We offer language lessons at all levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced.

Business tuition

One-to-one or group lessons. Extralingual can arrange courses that suit your requirements. For an important interview, to start a business, to understand Emails, correspondence and phone calls, to present documents or to prepare for a meeting.

International student preparation program

Preparation for overseas university entry. In more than 50% of the cases, students are denied a visa to study overseas because they do not know the language of the country they intend to visit. Extralingual currently runs its international student language program for applicants.

General Translations

Documents to be translated vary from official documents (birth certificates...) to film scripts.

Business Translations

Business translations edited and proof-read by sector experts.

Simultaneous Interpreters

'Real time' interpreting for international conferences.

Project Managers' responsibilities include:

  • Co-ordination of multi-lingual tasks such as translation, proof-reading, Desktop Publishing.
  • Management of specialist glossaries, ensuring consistency of style, terminology and structure.
  • Document version control.
  • Scheduling of various tasks to ensure on-time delivery