Children language clubs


This is an opportunity for your child to discover a new language and get useful basics for trips abroad and language classes he/she will attend in franchises. Extralingual also wants to help children better themselves in languages they are already familiar with, mostly because they have been surrounded by native speakers of these languages at home or in other environments. We offer after-school clubs during the weeks and Saturday classes. Both formats are currently taking place at various premises (please call us to enquire about the nearest to your home). Email us at clubs@extralingual.com for more information

Holiday Camps


Extralingual runs/organise holiday clubs where children attend language classes part of the day and the rest of the time, they are involved in other activities including sports, cooking, drama, music or arts and crafts. Check our latest news page to check when we next run holiday camps close to you.


Franchising opportunities


This is an opportunity for entrepreneurs who want to grow a business in the language business sector. We offer administrative, logistic and marketing support to set up and run language clubs in England, France and South Africa. Email us at franchises@extralingual.com for more information.